BDC RS1C Regimental Snare Drum



The RS1C is a smaller shell drum with a depth of 10” and featuring a single Levitone™ snare mechanism on the upper head.
This unique snare drum offers an alternative to a conventional twin snare system and is ideally suited to younger players who want to achieve a traditional twin-snare sound.

  • RS1C – 14” x 10” Single Upper Snare
  • 8ply 5mm Grade A Scandinavian Birch & Old English Oak Shell
  • 45ΒΊ Bearing Edges
  • Remo USA Heads
  • Triple Flange Steel Hoops
  • Upper Levitone™ Snare Mechanism
  • DragonTooth Lever
  • Palladium Lugs
  • Magnetik drum key
  • Polished Stainless Steel Ball Feet (optional extra)
  • Available in Gloss Black, Gloss White and Military Red and Blue Livery (illustrated)